3 Well-wishers Who Help Bloggers In Writing Blogs

If you are a blogger, you may have faced a question quite often, ‘Why do you blog?’ or ‘what do you get from writing blogs?’. Trust me, these are among the most annoying questions for bloggers. We (bloggers) blog because it is our passion for writing. We love writing blogs and disseminating information on the web. We love being a part of this amazing community that helps each other. And above all, we love interacting with our audience.

Imagine! You have a smartphone which broke and you do not have anyone around you to fix it. Hold your breath… it’s just an example. 😀

So, what will you do in such a situation? You will look for a solution online, right?

Search engines like Google can be the only saviors in such a situation. But, what if you don’t get the answer to your question? Or let’s take it this way. What will you do if there is no content available online for your query? The answer is simple… you will go crazy.

Hey! It’s normal. Anyone will go mad in such a situation. So, now do you understand the value of information flowing over the web? This is what we (bloggers) do. Writing blogs is not just our love for writing but we are fond of answering the queries and facing the challenges of new questions.

Now, you must be thinking that how do we get to know your questions? Well, we follow you everywhere. 😉

Yeah, I mean it! We target our audience and look for their queries. Sometimes, we study their trends, behaviours, patterns etc. and sometimes we just listen to them on social media.

Let me crack this mystery for you. Today, I am going to tell you about 3 well-wishers of bloggers who help them in identifying audience’s questions/queries.

The Best Friend: Answer The Public

There are various online tools that help bloggers in identifying audience’s questions. Answer The Public is one among them. But we prefer to call it a best friend than just an online tool. After all, a friend in need’s a friend indeed. 🙂

Answer The Public tells us about the queries frequently asked by the audience on search engines. You just need to put a keyword in its search field and select the country as below. For example, I searched a keyword, ‘content marketing’ and selected UK in the country field.

answer-the-public writing blogs
Image Credit: Answer The Public

It gave me 77 questions, 74 prepositions, and 163 alphabets that were searched around this keyword (Refer below image). Isn’t it amazing?

Answer-The-public-2 writing blogs
Image Credit: Answer The Public

The questions that were asked around this keyword were presented in the form of the following chart.

questions writing blogs
Image Credit: Answer The Public

Therefore, there is no doubt that Answer The Public is our best friend that helps us in finding what you are searching for. With its help, writing blogs become so easy.

Social Media: A Parent Figure

Do you listen to your parents and take their advice seriously? If not, then start taking it. Their advice is always for your good. Social media is like the parents of bloggers. When bloggers sincerely listen to them they definitely make the first move to the success of ladder.

Social listening is the most obvious practices of bloggers. We usually create social media pages, accounts, timelines, handles, etc. for our blogs. These are the platform where we share the information, similar to the ways you share your sketch with your parents. But writing blogs or creating a sketch is just not enough. You need genuine guidance and suggestions too before showing your best piece to the crowd. As your parents suggest the colors you can probably use, social media helps us by suggesting the topics we should write.

Now, you must be thinking that how do we make our shared blogs visible to a stranger (perhaps, who have yet not discovered our social presence)? Hashtags! Using them is the best way to make the blogs visible and searchable on social platforms. How? Check out here. We are smart, so we have already solved that question for you. 😉

Now, once these blogs start becoming popular on social media, the real game starts. We start engaging with our audience. For us, it is not just a social media platform, it is more than that. It helps us in interacting with our audience.

We follow their behaviours, likes and dislikes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. We listen to each one of them and see what social media is trying to tell, just like an obedient child of it.

So as I said, social media stand by us like parents and we, like good children, listen to them to understand what the audience really wants from us.

Google Trend: Our Mentor That Assists In Writing Blogs

Mentors play a special role in the life of every professional. For every blogger, their favourite mentor is Google Trend. If the audience is searching on a search engine like Google then why not asking it to reveal the truth? We proudly say that Google Trend is like our mentor who helps us in finding search insights.  All we need to do is to explore our topics in its search fields.

To make you understand in the best possible manner, I searched ‘content marketing’ in its explore field and I got the following result. (Refer to below image)

Google Trends for writing blogs
Image Credit: Google Trends

You can further refine your search results by making changes in the locations, time period, categories, and search forms. Google Trend, thus, helps us in identifying that whether our subject is currently in demand or not.

So, now you know who are the well-wishers of bloggers. Relationships are beautiful, so we found a best friend, a parent figure, and a mentor to help us identify your queries. After all, your questions are important to us. No questions mean no answers and no answers mean no blogs/bloggers.

I want to survive in this online crowd. So, how about becoming my ‘partner in crimes’? You shoot your questions and I will answer them in most the craziest yet simplest way. I am craving for your questions. So, shoot them right away using the comment box below. 🙂

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