Google Encourages Regional Languages!

In India, content development is usually considered to be a content created in the English language. Undoubtedly, English is one of the most accepted languages across the globe. But there are various countries that encourage their regional languages to retain their culture and tradition. They include them in their personal as well as professional life.

India is backed by several language families and dialects. It is interesting to note that there are 23 constitutionally recognized official languages. However, the most common and widely accepted Indian language is Hindi.

As per 2001 Census, 45% of Indian population speaks Hindi. Therefore, it will not be strange to know that Hindi is also recognized and searched heavily on search engines.

Impact On Engagement Through Regional Languages

If you are an organization targeting Indian audience then how about creating a regional content… maybe in Hindi? We all crave for engagement but will we be able to engage/interact with the audience if we don’t connect with them?

Writers often believe that they write what they think and speak. This is a simple statement but with a deep meaning. Alright! Let’s try to answer this question,

Why do writers write? What do they get out of it?

Yeah! We write to earn but penning down the thoughts is not an easy task. Speaking to a colleague/friend is not similar to speaking to the online audience. This is where storytelling comes into action. But will you be interested in listening to a story that you can’t understand or relate to? Won’t you connect more with a story which is narrated in your day-to-day language?

In the year 2015, Google (on its official blog) shared,

Hindi content is key to growing an audience in India.

In fact, a TV commercial of Google India encouraging Hindi content through their app grabbed every Indian’s attention.

The above video posted on YouTube has a description, written in Hindi as well as the English language. Not only this but Google always shows their support for different events, holidays, regional celebrations and languages, honors to artists etc. through its doodles. It is interesting to note that on 31st July 2016, Google paid tribute to a renowned Hindi author, Munshi Premchand on his 136th birthday through their doodle.

google-doodle munshi premchands regional languages author

Google keep giving such tributes and acknowledge the work of various artists contributed in different languages. Apart from Munshi PremChand, Google also gave tribute to the legendary Urdu Poet, Mirza Ghalib on Dec 27th, 2017 on his 220th birthday.


We all crave to list our content on the first few results of Google and here, Google itself recognizes regional content. Hence, it is clear that regional content can definitely make wonders. If today marketers are leveraging the English language heavily then you never know… we can see them using regional languages heavily in future. After all, it’s all about talking to the audience in their language. हैं न (right) ? 🙂

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