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My Favourite Productivity Tools

I am a contributor at forum where I offer support to the users of Continue reading “My Favourite Productivity Tools”

Troubleshooting WSOD (For Beginners) – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Let’s say you’ve sold your website development service to a client who is new to the business and have hardly any information about how websites are developed. You handed over a beautiful website with high-end features and just after a week of delivery, client comes-up to you shouting that his website is not showing up. You check it and all you can see is a white screen. This could be a nightmare for business leaders who want to develop a brand name among the online crowd. So, it becomes the responsibility of the developers to see that such errors are fixed as early as possible. Continue reading “Troubleshooting WSOD (For Beginners) – Here’s What You Need To Know!”

(NEWS) Facebook Update Will Affect Features

Here is an update for Facebook and users!

As I am a blogger, I received an email notification from today. It was about an upcoming Facebook update that will affect the usage of one of the features, Publicize. Continue reading “(NEWS) Facebook Update Will Affect Features”

How To Customize A blog?

In one of my previous blogs, I explained how to create a free blog using WordPress and how to choose the right theme for your blog. Today, I will take you through the steps to customize your blog. Continue reading “How To Customize A blog?”