3 Similarities Between Content Marketers And Journalists

With the demand for the new technology, various companies have started accepting the change. It is easily noticeable in the marketing patterns, products/services, their customer support, operations etc. However, there is only one industry which didn’t get affected… Media!

Each one of us is hungry for new information. As media has always been the most trusted source to calm down our nerves and provide information, it never got adversely affected by the demand for the new technology. Moreover, with the emergence of new stream media like online content publications and social media, a topping was added to the media industry.

Content marketers play an important role in digital media but are they similar to journalists? Yes, they are! Let’s take a look at how a content marketer is similar to a journalist.

Knowing the audience!

content marketerWhy do the journalists or content writers write a story? The objective of both professionals is same. They want their audience to read it. So, how about knowing the audience before publication?

The very first step of creating a content marketing strategy is to identify the audience. Marketers believe in disseminating the information to the people who are interested in reading their content. This is the backbone of any content strategy.

Similar to this, every publication/journal/newspaper has an audience. If a local newspaper starts covering international stories over local stories, will that publication be able to grab their audience’s attention? No, right? So, it is equally important for journalists to find out their audience. This not only helps them in retaining audience’s interest but also provides the value to their audience.

Story distribution by content marketers and journalists!

content marketerContent distribution is an integral part of a content strategy. With the help of different campaigns, content marketers keep disseminating the information to their audience.

On the other hand, journalists have a plenty of sources to distribute the information. Earlier, it was majorly through offline publications, magazines, newspapers etc. However, with the emergence of social media, they now leverage online platforms as well. Thus, journalists also realize the value of content distribution and have started leveraging an important tool used by content marketers i.e. social media.

Use of visual content by content marketers and journalists

content marketerContent marketers often believe that visual content is the most powerful among all types of content. It grabs the maximum attention of the audience. Visual content like infographics, meme, videos, etc. is commonly used by marketers. But have you seen a media company using any of these content types?

Today, we can find almost every media organization on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. Earlier, the news broadcasted on electronic media was only through television. But these days, social media has taken over television up to a certain extent. Journalists use visual content not only to broadcast the videos of the event/happening but also create imagery content. The images added to the curated content published by journalists on social media add relevance to the story.

Therefore, it will be right to say that the purpose of serving the audience is the biggest similarity among content marketers and journalists.

If you know some more similarities between the two, please share them with us using the comment box below. We’ll be waiting!

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