Talvar (Movie): A Master Content Piece

Movies hold a special place in our lives. Sometimes they inspire us while sometimes they are just a two and half hours show that takes us to our dream world. Movies are often called to be a director’s imagination portrayed on the silver screen. It is the director who lets his imagination flow on the screen with right angles and concepts. But what would a director do without a script?

What is a script?

A script is a written form of a play, film, or broadcast. It comprises of a detailed information of each character, his nature, personality, and characteristics. It has dialogues, scenes and is written in present tense. A script explains the movements and expressions of an actor, which further helps him to portray the role with conviction. Thus, with the support of actors and director, a scriptwriter tries to capture the mood of the audience.

Bollywood movies on real life crimes

Indian audience often attracts towards films based on real life crimes and unsolved mysteries. The Meghna Gulzar’s movie, Talvar is among one of them. The release of Talvar not only ignited the curiosity among the masses but also raised a lot of questions about Aarushi murder case. It enforced the audience to rethink about their perception towards Talwar family.

Brief about Aarushi murder case

Image Source: dna

In the year 2008, all the media platforms were filled with Noida’s double murder case. A 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar and a 45-year-old domestic worker of the family, Hemraj Banjade were found dead at Aarushi’s home. As the investigation moved further and the case got heavy media coverage, it turned out to be the biggest mystery of the country.

The police considered aarushi’s parents, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar to be the prime suspects in the murder. However, a plenty of questions were raised against police’s investigation too. Hence, the case was later handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

CBI started the investigation from the beginning and suspected Dr. Talwar’s assistant Krishna and two domestic workers, Rajkumar and Vijay. Based on narco test conducted on the three men, the CBI gave their report suspecting them. CBI claimed that based on their investigation, these three men attempted sexual assault on the victim, Aarushi and Hemraj was killed as he was the only witness to the crime.

The report presented by CBI was considered to be generated on the basis of dubious methods. So, the case was again transferred to another CBI team. The CBI’s second team suspected Dr. Rajesh Talwar based on circumstantial pieces of evidence. But due to lack of hard evidence, CBI team  requested the court to close the case. However, Talwars refused to accept the allegations and closure of the case. They called the suspicion on Dr. Talwar baseless. The court, thus, rejected CBI’s request and ordered the proceedings against Talwars. In Nov. 2013, the parents of Aarushi Talwar were sentenced to life imprisonment. The Talwar family challenged the decision in Allahabad High Court and Talwar couple were freed on October 16th 2017.

Impact of the movie, Talvar

Source: Financial Express

The movie, Talvar was released on 2nd October, 2015 in India. It was, though, premiered in 2015 Toronto International Film Festival on 14th September, 2015. Initially titled as Nyodda, it was later titled as Talvar (meaning Sword). The director, Meghna Gulzar stated that the script is completely unbiased and objective.

After almost 7 years of the mystery and unsolved case, this movie again raised a plenty of questions. A well-researched content (script) portrayed all possibilities of the mystery. The unbiased script, excellent direction, and outstanding acting collectively developed an exceptional content piece in the form of a movie.

The movie made a huge impact on the thought-process of the audience. The people who blindfolded believed the judicial system were now raising questions. The movie forced them to re-evaluate their perception towards Dr. Talwar.

The post-release of the movie brought mixed opinions, media coverage after 7 years, and statements from Aarushi’s family. Let’s take a closer look on each one of them below:

Aarushi’s grandfather talked to media

Aarushi’s (victim) grandfather raised his voice and spoke to the media about the case. As per his statement, UP police asked him not to speak to media. However, after the movie release, he decided to speak to the media and raise some questions.

Social media was flooded with opinions

The movie was loved by the audience and forced everyone to rethink about their opinions towards Talwars. The people shared their emotions, views, and opinions openly on social media. Take a look on some of the emotional tweets of the audience.

Release Of Narco Video On YouTube Resulting Into Media Coverage After 7 Years

On 22nd Oct, 2015 a narco test video of Krishna (assistant to Dr. Rajesh Talwar) was uploaded on YouTube. However, it is removed now.

The release of this video on YouTube forced media organizations to cover the unsolved mystery again. As quoted by Zee News, the narco video (uploaded on YouTube) of Krishna is of 58 minutes and 55 seconds while as per the CBI records the narco test video of Krishna is of only 45 minutes. So, this time not only the audience was doubting the justice but the media too raised some questions.

Importance of well-researched scripts in movies

It is a director who shapes the script and grabs the attentions of the audience through his direction. But without a well-researched script, a movie is just a few hours show with some visuals.

Talvar is an unbiased well-researched piece of content (script) that brought all the possibilities about the case in front of the audience. It didn’t jump up to the conclusion but let the audience create their own views about the case. It was the strong script and content that pushed the audience to speak and raise questions. Aarushi’s grandfather’s statements, the leak of narco test video on YouTube, and opinions of people about the case clearly shows the impact of this movie.

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