(NEWS) Facebook Update Will Affect WordPress.com Features

Here is an update for Facebook and WordPress.com users!

As I am a WordPress.com blogger, I received an email notification from WordPress.com today. It was about an upcoming Facebook update that will affect the usage of one of the WordPress.com features, Publicize.

As per Facebook’s update, Facebook users won’t be able to use third-party tools to automatically share posts on their Facebook profile timelines from Aug 1, 2018 onward. However, this restriction doesn’t imply on Facebook pages. (Please see the difference between Facebook profiles and Facebook pages here)

This is indeed a bad news for the users of WordPress.com as publicize is a great feature to share content on all social media platforms without hopping on them individually. While Facebook assures that this update will improvise their platform and prevent the misuse of a personal Facebook profile, I believe that cross-posting is really important for bloggers and the online crowd to share their content.

I have seen Facebook employees and top management calling it a platform that helps people connect and engage. But I personally believe that with this update it is clear that their mission of connecting is fading. In fact, this update will certainly disrupt the way Facebook members (especially, Digital Marketers) want to interact with their audience.

Please use the below comment box to share your opinion on this update. I look forward to your views. 🙂

7 thoughts on “(NEWS) Facebook Update Will Affect WordPress.com Features”

  1. Well done to alert us of this change. Hopefully it is a good move by Facebook because i enjoy the profile update feature.


    1. If your site is on WordPress.com’s business plan, then it will certainly be affected. Moreover, Facebook’s update says ‘any third-party tool’, hence even WordPress sites should be affected. Hope this helps! 🙂


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