My Favourite Productivity Tools

I am a contributor at forum where I offer support to the users of Many a time, users confuse between WordPress and websites. I see a lot of queries from the users who face issues in their self-hosted WordPress sites on this forum. And because this forum is meant to offer support to the users of, I direct them to the support page of However, to identify this, the members of this forum use different tools.

My favorite tools to find out if it is a self-hosted WordPress site or a site are WhoIs and WhatsMyDNS. Using these tools, I can quickly identify which kind of WordPress site it is. These are the two tools that are helping me in support since the beginning.

Moreover, because I use Linux on my machine, I couldn’t use great tools like Alfred, Text Expander, or Typinator. I am looking for such tools for my Linux machine too as these tools can help in offering quicker support.

I tried Launchy but this seems to be a tool with basic features only. I am looking for more effective tools that can automate some of my replies and help me in offering effective support.

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