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B Usha

Easy to understand the concepts with real time experience. Immediately solve the students doubts. Easily communicate with her.

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Sudish Menon

Vaidehi Singh has always been a focused individual who knew from the start itself what she wanted to achieve in her professional front. Within a small span of 3 months she was working like an experienced personnel and was working as self motivated individual.

She was pivotal in smoothening of work process at a fast pace and was one of my team member who helped and pushed taking my team to the Numero UNO position. An aggressive and calculative approach have helped her grow as an individual professionally. Truly been my best team member till now, who gave her 200% efforts on each and every project she was assigned. Be it Project Delivery or Quality Analyst i know you will be giving your best always 🙂

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Animesh Raj Vardhan

Honest in true sense, respectful in all cases, creative, intelligent, persuasive, team player, attentive, eye for fine points… these are the words which spontaneously come to me if I think of Vaidehi.

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Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava

Vaidehi has always been an asset and she has always delivered the task assigned to her on time,

She has a very intuitive mind and she understands the requirements quiet easily and swiftly, I think if you have some one like her taking up the job you can always relax from that end.

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Dr. Indrajit Goswami

Vaidehi was my mentor. I found her very knowledgeable, articulate and passionate in her domain of expertise. She has the wonderful capacity to engage learners online and communicate flawlessly with each learner at a time online. I would honestly confess that it was she, who inspired and led me to learn social media marketing and complete my internship successfully. I would like to appreciate her as an emerging talent in the field of online learning platform.

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