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Sonam Singh

Of the many impressive things about Vaidehi, her drive, work ethic and tenacity stand out to me.
In everything she does, she brings thoughtfulness, intelligence, curiosity, passion and the best of all –

Over the time I worked with Vaidehi, never seen her taking any shortcuts, cut any corners, or give less than 100% in any of her pursuits. I always felt supported by her as a peer and friend.

I consider myself fortunate to work with her and look forward to more exciting projects.

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Pradnya Kulkarni

Vaidehi is a powerhouse and her passion for work makes her an outstanding professional. She is lively with co-workers and always filled with positive energy. Her zeal for excellence makes her a highly efficient professional. Nothing is too hard for her, she is innovative, passionate and committed. Vaidehi always has innovative ideas which have delivered remarkable results. With her innate attitude, she would be an asset for any organization and I wish her good luck for future endeavors.

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Nimisha Jain

Vaidehi is an Energetic Marketer whom I worked with for a couple of months. While we were working together Vaidehi helped devise & execute solutions to improve the brand. Content is one of her strong pursuits. She is able to understand her audience and improvise a communication strategy that will ensure maximum impact.

She is one of the few people you enjoy talking to both on and off work. I’d love to work with her again in the future.

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B Usha

Easy to understand the concepts with real time experience. Immediately solve the students doubts. Easily communicate with her.

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Sudish Menon

Vaidehi Singh has always been a focused individual who knew from the start itself what she wanted to achieve in her professional front. Within a small span of 3 months she was working like an experienced personnel and was working as self motivated individual.

She was pivotal in smoothening of work process at a fast pace and was one of my team member who helped and pushed taking my team to the Numero UNO position. An aggressive and calculative approach have helped her grow as an individual professionally. Truly been my best team member till now, who gave her 200% efforts on each and every project she was assigned. Be it Project Delivery or Quality Analyst i know you will be giving your best always 🙂

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