Create Site On Your Existing Domain!

I have seen people having an assumption that to have a site with a custom domain, they have to purchase a plan and buy a domain from only. Well, this isn’t correct! Continue reading “Create Site On Your Existing Domain!”


How To Share Your Blogs On Social Media Using WordPress?

Writing blog posts isn’t enough. Sharing it further with the online crowd is of utmost importance. But sharing the same blog on different social media channels can be a pain at times. After all, there are so many of them. came up once again to rescue bloggers. Continue reading “How To Share Your Blogs On Social Media Using WordPress?”

Growing Popularity Of YouTube Among Indian RJs

In India, a radio personality, commonly known as radio jockey or RJ was only considered to be the voices of a few talk shows in past. However, the emergence of digital media has turned the table to 360 degrees and raised the popularity of radio jockeying as a career. In fact, they are now available on various online platforms and visibly gain a huge fan following too. Continue reading “Growing Popularity Of YouTube Among Indian RJs”

Talvar (Movie): A Master Content Piece

Movies hold a special place in our lives. Sometimes they inspire us while sometimes they are just a two and half hours show that takes us to our dream world. Movies are often called to be a director’s imagination portrayed on the silver screen. It is the director who lets his imagination flow on the screen with right angles and concepts. But what would a director do without a script? Continue reading “Talvar (Movie): A Master Content Piece”