Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Advanced Digital Marketing Course covers all subject areas of Digital Marketing. The course is designed with an objective to impart practical knowledge to the students. After each class, students will get the assignments which will further help them in getting into the mud of digital marketing learn from practical examples and case studies practical manner.

Training Curriculum

Class 1: Digital Marketing Overview

Class 2: Website Management

  1. Domain Management
  2. Website Hosting, Indexing, And Designing
  3. Website Designing & CMS (WordPress &

Class 3: On-page SEO

  1. Content Creation
  2. On-page SEO

Class 4:  Off-Page SEO

  1. Off-page Optimization: Organic Traffic From Third-Party Sites
  2. Off-Page Optimization: Conclusion

Class 5: Paid Search Marketing

Class 6: Google Analytics

Class 7: Google Webmaster

Class 8: Google Algorithm

Class 9: Social Media Marketing

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing (Part-2): Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Instagram, Pinterest, SlideShare etc.

Class 10: Email Marketing

  1. Email Marketing Overview
  2. MailChimp, Its Features, And Other Important Email Marketing Tools

Class 11: Affiliate Marketing

Class 12: Earning Through Adsense

Class 13: Online Reputation Management

Digital Marketing Training Curriculum Download

Assignments & Projects – The real learning provided by any trainer is through hands-on work. The participants will get Assignments and Projects in all the above classes to build an expertise in Digital Marketing.

What will students get from Advanced Digital Marketing Training?

  1. Practical knowledge
  2. Regular assignment
  3. Online-instructor led program
  4. Tools Guides
  5. Exercises based on real-life case studies
  6. Time-to-time deep performance analysis

About Trainer

Vaidehi Singh Sharma Digital Marketing TrainerVaidehi provides training in Digital Marketing, WordPress, and She is associated with different brands as Consultant and Marketing & Tech Trainer. To know more about her, visit this page. Moreover, if you have interest in poetry, short stories, audio blogs, Shayari etc., feel free to see her personal blog, Vaidus World.

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