Conversation with a friend, & once upon a time colleague.

Her: Why don’t you stay active on LinkedIn?

Me: I am always there. 

Her: No, I mean, I don’t see you writing posts, engaging much, or sharing your thoughts. You are great at what you do, but I guess you lack in building your brand.

Me: I have two brands, Vaidus World and Marketing Singh whose audience is not on LinkedIn. So, I kind of disagree. For me, LinkedIn is a platform to learn something new every day which, I am doing. And yes, I do not share much which, could be the result of my imposter syndrome. So, I may look inactive on LinkedIn, but I am really not. I see every single thing.

Her: But Vaidehi, it’s important. You are a marketer. You must learn to build and expand your brand, and LinkedIn is a great platform for that.

Hmmm… I didn’t have much to respond to. She is a friend so she of course supports me in whatever I do and do not do. But I guess, I have an extremely simple answer to this.

I treat LinkedIn as a social platform. It’s unique because it let us engage with fellow professionals. I don’t mind connecting with people on larger platforms like LinkedIn, but firstly, I am good at direct conversation, and secondly, I prefer sharing my learnings with people who prefer to connect directly with me. I have given Marketing training to over 150 students (mostly, freshers) without charging a single penny. That’s my giveback to the community.

Moreover, I have been a part of the WordPress community for some time. I still remember my first-day fear at WordCamp Pune. I was scared to death because I was surrounded by techies… and me? Just a blogger! Yeah, I saw myself like that… Just a blogger! But that community accepted me as it is. I soon realised that each one of them started with this fear. They inspired and empowered me to learn MarTech. And now, when I see people speaking about communities, sharing stuff on social platforms, learning online… it’s overwhelming. I guess, the fear was back but I have overcome it. 😎

Okay! So, some of the take-aways from my experiences so far are:
👉🏻I am good at digital marketing because I learned it by failing millions of times.
👉🏻I am good at writing my heart out because I am not running in the race of syndicating content every day to get higher reach… I prefer interacting with people over bots.
👉🏻I could be lacking my brand expansion at LinkedIn because I contribute to WordPress, marketing, and writing communities.
👉🏻I do not share much of my learnings on social platforms because one, I am still learning, and two, I prefer giving hands-on education.

So, if you have questions around marketing, content, MarTech, or WordPress, drop me a DM. I am just a message away. Let’s chat and I will try to meet you online. I am still learning and embracing this change. Bear with me. 🙂

And you, my friend… you know I am talking about you. But I won’t tag and you know why. But thanks for seeding a thought. 😉

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