Spoke At WordCamp Pune 2019 On “Remote Job Or 9 Hours Office? | Covering Indians’ Stories”

WordCamp Pune 2019… What an event, it was!

WordCamps are always very special to me. I meet people, share what I think, listen to stories coming from different parts of the world, and learn like never before. People attending WordCamps have always been welcoming and I guess, this is why I look forward to WordCamps irrespective of geographical boundaries.

In fact, sometimes I smile on myself when I meet people who know me and acknowledge my learnings. I see myself in them. Interestingly, very few know that WordCamp Pune 2015 was my first-ever WordCamp as an Attendee. And I was so surprised to meet and see such welcoming people in a conference. Prior to that, I attended only Marketing Conferences which used to be full of people pitching their businesses to me. No one was interested to learn anything or help anyone without monetary benefits. 🙂

So, if I fell for WordCamps and WordPress community, it’s not my mistake… It was because of those marketing conferences that I attended. 😀

Some pictures of collectibles taken from WordCamp Pune 2019 & Automattic Booth (Spelling of my name is incoorect… Nevermind!)




Talking about WordCamp Pune 2019, all I can say is that it was an extremely good experience to be there once again. I have stage fear but I believe it is the welcoming community that pushes me every time to apply as a speaker. And the kind of response I get from the audience, it’s just beyond explanations and beautiful words. It’s a beautiful emotion that I feel every time. In fact, this time I was blushing and shivering so much after the talk as a few people from the audience stood up to clap. I was telling myself,

‘No… No… No… No… I am not this good. Please sit down!’ 😀 But then I recalled my own slide having a title, ‘I’m Not So Good!‘ 🙂





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This time I talked about Remote jobs vs. Office-based jobs. I shared a couple of stories that keep happening around us and most of the time, we are so busy in our own lives that we don’t even notice them. The intent of this talk was to give 30 minutes to the people sitting in the audience to think about these stories and identify if they are not the characters of the stories.

I had no intentions to motivate people to work on a remote job or on an office-based job. Both kinds of work environments have their pros and cons. But choosing the right one depending on self-priorities and finding ways to have the best suited professional life was what I wanted to communicate.

I am sharing the slides that I used, below and will be sharing the video once it is released on WordPress.TV.

I want to thank Aditya for clearing my doubts and helping me choose the right topic and for being good support during the event. Thank you WordCamp Pune team. You guys rocked as always! 🙂

P.S. The talk video is released on WordPress.TV. I’ve uploaded its downloaded version at my new YouTube channel. Please it below.

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