I Quit!

This is a late post. I wrote this poem a few months back. I wasn’t sure if I should publish it on Marketing Singh but today, I just felt like making it public (No specific reason for this!). Use the below comment box to share your views on this poem or just ping ‘Hi’ if you could connect with this poem. Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

I am in pain, my back has given up,
It needs a little rest, it needs some stretch,
My muscles are torn & ripped apart,
My body can feel the shivers of my heart.

Daily travel has become a pain,
Thereupon, screams are clotting the brain,
Mental health is at its worst,
Giving self-time is becoming a must.

You are no one to dominate me for hours,
Snatch my phone and haunt me with commands,
My sleep should be sound without you in my head,
My peace is the most important with not a single scratch.

My body has started reiterating the haunting words,
‘Please don’t hurt me or one day I will give up,
I want to live and see the sky,
I want to breathe to feel life.

You are earning nothing to keep me alive,
Your money is just a list of fake promises and lies,
You are not buying happiness for family or friends,
You are hurting them with the words popping in your brain.

Your words are diluting your emotions to tar,
They are also affecting the loved, close to your heart,
You are compromising their peace because of money,
You are hurting them with every penny.’

I want to hear and follow what my body says,
I don’t want to see them crying for the money sake,
I can sell my skills to the outside world,
I’ll be my boss and will be heard.

I’m not your slave anymore,
I choose to quit because it’s time to say, ‘NO MORE!’

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