Growing Popularity Of YouTube Among Indian RJs

In India, a radio personality, commonly known as radio jockey or RJ was only considered to be the voices of a few talk shows in past. However, the emergence of digital media has turned the table to 360 degrees and raised the popularity of radio jockeying as a career. In fact, they are now available on various online platforms and visibly gain a huge fan following too.

Writers are often considered as creative folks spreading their ideas, thoughts, and emotions. But RJs add soul to the text content through their narrations. They leave a mark on listener’s brain.

Many marketers and bloggers believe that audio content leaves a long-lasting impact on the audience. Audio blogs help to influence a powerful sense (hearing) of a human being. According to Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Guide,

‘The year 2016 witnessed the rise of audio content.’

These days, one of the popular online platforms used by Indian RJs is YouTube. Launched in the year 2005, YouTube is an online video sharing platform. It serves as a forum to connect people, inspire them, and share information globally. It is also used by audio content creators and RJs for sharing their audio blogs, podcasts, and talk shows. As YouTube doesn’t support audio files or images, content designers combine them and convert into video files.

A video shared by YouTube support team for combining audio and image files is embedded below.

You can also refer YouTube help page.

YouTube for RJs

As per the insights released by Google, more than 70% of Indian YouTube viewers are under the age of 35 years. Therefore, it clear that YouTube is successfully attracting the attention of young Indian consumers. However, an important question is what makes YouTube a favorite social media app among Indian audience for listening audio shows?

With the emergence of smartphones, everyone carries information in their pockets. Various social media channels and mobile applications have connected the globe. Radio which was once a popular entertainment medium is now replaced with social media. So, what next? Media organizations also shook hands with social media.

Initially, time was one of the major factors that snatched the popularity of radio. Radio shows are distributed in different time slots and listeners are bound to follow the same time slot if they wish to listen to their favorite show. However, now with the emergence of social media platforms like YouTube, one can easily listen to these shows are per their ease.

Some popular Indian Radio Shows on YouTube!

A comedy show, Radio Mirchi Murga hosted by RJ Naved is popular among Indian crowd. On this show, RJ Naved plays pranks on people. Along with these pranks, this show also broadcast social messages which gave huge popularity to RJ Naved too. This channel was launched on 19th Dec 2014 on YouTube and currently have 3,74,356 subscribers (as on Dec 23rd, 2017) in their YouTube basket.

Similarly, Neelesh Misra hosts a popular show on 92.7 Big FM, named Yaadon ka Idiotbox. On this show, he narrates stories written by his team commonly referred as ‘Mandali’. He joined YouTube on 11th Aug, 2012 and currently have 1,25,392 subscribers (as on Dec 23rd, 2017) on his YouTube channel.

Thus, it clear that radio shows are still very popular in the Indian market and YouTube has helped radio shows in maintaining their popularity.

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