5 Hurdles That Every Writer Faces

‘Content’ doesn’t mean just the blogs. It is rather a big umbrella that comprises of a lot of content styles and kinds. Blogs, whitepapers, poetry, disclaimers, website content, articles, press releases, resumes, social content, podcasts, movie scripts, video blogs, etc. are all different kinds of content. In fact, they are further categorized as per the niche and languages. So, it is obvious that a single writer can not write all kinds of content.

There are billions of content pieces that get published every day. You can get your problems solved by a single search on Google. But did you ever realize that there are millions of content professionals who think about your problems? They look for your queries! Isn’t it difficult to figure out these problems and generate solutions? It is!

Today, we will discuss various blocks and hurdles that every content developer faces while creating fresh content. So, let’s get going. 🙂

Behaving Like Doctors

Behaving-like-doctorsWill you get frustrated if you have to think about the problems of the people all the time? Imagine you are a doctor and will lose your job if you fail to give the right medicine to your patient. This is the life of writers, specifically bloggers. Every day they have to write something that can attract their audience. Something that solves their problems! They think about the queries that their audience might have and which can be solved through their content. And trust me, reading the brain of a virtual crowd isn’t an easy task. 🙂

Mood Swings

Mood-swingsLet’s again have a hypothetical situation. You are an air hostess who is flying to Paris and having a flight, tonight. During the flight, you have to serve passengers with a smile. But just before leaving your apartment, you fought with your boyfriend. So, basically, you are in a bad mood and don’t feel like smiling. So what will you do? Will you ask the passengers to shut up and stop asking for more drinks? Or will you ask them to order everything just once so that you can sit with your broken heart alone? Nothing of this sort, right?Similar is the situation of a writer. A writer is a creative person and playing with words isn’t an easy task, especially when you are in a bad mood. You might just unintentionally end up using either old classic phrases and words or grammatical errors, which are definitely not required in today’s writing.

Similar is the situation of a writer. A writer is a creative person and playing with words isn’t an easy task, especially when you are in a bad mood. You might just unintentionally end up using either old classic phrases and words or grammatical errors, which are definitely not required in today’s writing.

Social Distractions

Social-distractionsThe Internet and social media is the biggest enemy of content writers. Imagine, you are sitting in front of your system and researching on a topic. While your research you come across a funny YouTube video and you are lost in the video list. Although social media distraction can be a problem for many professionals, writers have one more disadvantage attached to it. Look at the previous hurdle, ‘Mood Swings’! Once this problem rules your distraction, you simply can’t write. 🙂

Writer Can Be Just A Writer

Writer-can-be-just-a-writerThe content team is often considered to be a support system of digital marketing teams in the company. But if they are digital marketers then why do they want content developers to behave like social media/SEO/analytics professionals? Will all digital marketers be able to write a good content piece? Aren’t they different? There is either a content developer or a content marketer. Although, we can not deny the fact that there are content professionals who are willing and efficient to work both ways but giving examples of a few people is not fair. There can be writers who simply love to write. They fall in love for the research and learning about different industries which they use while writings. All you need to tell them is the industry that they should focus on and they will do their job. They might not be interested in your website views or clicks rather they would prefer to give you a well-researched quality content. They just love writing and they are meant for it.


JudgementHow many digital marketers or content people writing for digital/tech industry find poetry writing an aspiring career? Or how many poets find digital/tech blogs really creative? Poetry is often considered to be a hobby and not a career. Similarly, there are plenty of poets available online who find tech and digital blogs boring. They don’t consider them as creative writers.

Well, let’s face the truth! In India, writing was never a profession to pursue. The writer was assumed as an individual wearing a khadi kurta and denim with a sling bag full of rubbish papers. Indian society didn’t accept this career in past. They were considered as a useless creative person living below the poverty line because of their stupid decision of being a writer. However, now you will find a lot of corporates hiring these writers and a lot of people in our society flaunting about this profession. Similarly, earlier technology was meant for engineers and geeks and it had nothing to do with writers. On the other hand, digital was a struggling career and was meant for founders or senior marketers. However, now you can find a lot of bloggers turning into tech professionals and using open source platforms. So, basically, these are self-dependent people. Stop judging them! They know their flaws and know how to deal with it too. 🙂

These were 5 basic hurdles which every writer faces. If you know some more of them, please feel free to share with me using the comment section. I love bold suggestions so write them down. 🙂

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