Top 10 Blogs To Learn Digital Marketing

The emergence of digital marketing evolved the demand of digital marketers too. But is there any institution offering digital marketing education? There are a few leading organizations offering digital marketing training. They are definitely of help to those who are willing to spend huge pennies on experienced trainers of the industry. However, if you are not prepared to spend any money currently then you must look for the digital marketing blogs like ours. Such blogs serve to be a self-study material of digital marketing and charge you nothing.

Learn Digital Marketing From These Blogs!

MOZ Blog

moz blog

Every digital marketer clearly understands the importance of SEO. And if you are someone who wishes to learn this area of digital marketing then MOZ blog is the one you should subscribe to. It offers SEO in a yummy digestible platter for the beginners as well as experts.

Marketing Land


Marketing Land is focused on all the areas of digital marketing. It delivers content in simplest yet detailed forms. You can find blogs around content management, social media, SEO, analytics, mobile marketing, SEM etc. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to call it an encyclopedia for those who want to learn digital marketing.

Search Engine Journal


Search engine journal is a pure hub for those who want to learn digital marketing. It keeps:

  • You updated with digital marketing news,
  • Shares about digital marketing events and conferences,
  • Offer guides for self-help,
  • Helps you in using best digital marketing tools, and
  • Share tips to create your own digital strategies.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)


As we all know that the first step of digital marketing is content so learning it from the industry experts is surely a win-win deal. If you are someone who wants to learn everything around content then you must follow CMI blog now. CMI also conduct weekly Twitter chats. You may join it every Tuesday at 12:00 ET using a hashtag, #CMWorld. It is of great help for beginners.

Neil Patel’s Blog


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He has helped companies like Google, eBay, NBC, General Motors etc. with his marketing strategies. So, seeing his work and experience, there is no doubt that this man is full of knowledge. He runs a digital marketing blog, where he helps his audience in learning different areas of digital marketing. He conducts webinars, publishes podcasts, text blogs and what not. So, giving a try to his blog is definitely worth an effort.



Econsultancy blogs are useful for all industry type. The resources offered by this blog covers majorly all areas of digital marketing. This blog is useful for both beginners as well experts. They don’t just keep their audience updated with the newbies of digital marketing but also help in polishing their digital media skills. So, choosing this blog is surely a good deal.

Kissmetrics blog


Kissmetrics blog covers analytics, testing, and marketing insights. This is one of the most researched blogs of the industry. They examine statistical trends, develop reports, and offer them to their audience. The offered resources like marketing guides, webinars, and detailed blogs are enough for an individual willing to learn digital marketing.

This blog is popular for providing data-driven marketing blogs. Thus, it is of great help to those who require detailed and statistical blogs for better understanding of digital marketing concepts.

Social Media Examinersocial-media-examiner

Social media marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. So, if you are willing to specialize in this area of digital marketing, you must subscribe to social media examiner. It covers advice from social media experts, tips for developing social media strategies, and educates about different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. In the nutshell, it doesn’t leave a single social media platform to educate.

Buffer Social


Buffer app is a popular tool used by social media marketers for managing their social media activities. Buffer Social is its official blog. It helps in solving almost every query around social media marketing. It covers topics around all social media sites and apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. You name it, they have it! So, if you keep struggling to find answers to your social media queries, this is the blog you should subscribe to.

Convince & Convert


Looking for digital marketing podcasts, books, guides/ebooks, text blogs, websites etc? If you are searching a blog offering all these resources in one bucket then Convince & Convert is the one for you. If you have subscribed to this blog then you will not require any further help.

So, now you have the list of top 11 blogs that can help you learn digital marketing for free. Yes! I mentioned 11 blogs and it is not a typo error. We have added Marketing Singh to this list. 🙂 So, all you need to do is to sit back, subscribe them, and start learning.

But did we miss a blog in the above list? Is there any other blog that helped you grow as a digital marketer? Yes? Then stop thinking, mate! Share the name of that blog in the comment box below and help me gain some amazing insights from your learning too. 🙂

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