How To Use Facebook Privacy Button On Timelines?

Having a Facebook account, sharing pictures, flaunting vacations etc. is a very common practice these days. At the same time, I come across people who have Facebook accounts but do not share photos or tag locations due to the fear of leaking their private moments.

We all know that Facebook has privacy settings but some of us may not know how to use them effectively. Whenever we publish a Facebook update, there is a Facebook privacy button next to it. Today, I decided to explain how to use this button so that all of us can share and flaunt freely. 🙂

Using Facebook Privacy Button

While writing an update on Facebook timeline, there is always a privacy button which has a drop down (refer the screenshot below).

facebook privacy button 1

When you will click this drop down, you will get various options to choose.

How To Use Facebook Privacy Button On Timeline?

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can decide who can see your update by choosing either of the options. Let us take each of them individually.


If you choose ‘Public’, your update will be publicly visible. This means that it will be visible to everyone who visits your profile.


Choosing ‘Friends’ option will make your update visible to all your Facebook friends.

Only Me

If you wish to update something on Facebook and want to keep it just for your own records, you can choose ‘Only Me’ option. Choosing this option will make it visible only to you and no one else.

Friends except…

With the help of this option, you can specifically mention the name of your Facebook friend and hide your update from that specific person. By doing so, your update will be visible to all your Facebook friends except the one/s mentioned in ‘Friends except…’ option. You may even create a Friends’ list which will work as a folder. And if you choose to put that friend list in the except option, everyone who is added in that list will not be able to see your update having this privacy setting.

To make this option more clear, I am sharing some steps to use it (along with the screenshots).

Step 1: Click the ‘Friends except’ option

friends except

Step 2: Once you click this option, you will get the list of friends and the lists (that you created). You can choose any of them by clicking the ‘minus’ button given on the right side of friend/list’s name. You can also use the search box (as shown in the below figure) to search your Facebook friend.

Facebook 4

After selecting the people you wish to hide your update from, all you have to do is click ‘Save Changes’ button. By doing so, your update will be visible to all your friends except the ones selected here.

Similar to ‘Friends except’ option, there is also an option of ‘Specific Friends’ (shown below).

facebook 5

You can use this option to show your updates to specific friends. By choosing this privacy option, your updates will not be visible to your Facebook friends except the ones you chose here.

The privacy button explained above works exactly the same for your photo albums, updates, videos, and everything you share on Facebook.

So, keep sharing the love and happiness without fears. If you have any queries regarding Facebook privacy button, please feel free to reach me. I am waiting for your messages.

Happy Sharing! 🙂

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