Talvar (Movie): A Master Content Piece

Movies hold a special place in our lives. Sometimes they inspire us while sometimes they are just a two and half hours show that takes us to our dream world. Movies are often called to be a director’s imagination portrayed on the silver screen. It is the director who lets his imagination flow on the screen with right angles and concepts. But what would a director do without a script? Continue reading “Talvar (Movie): A Master Content Piece”

3 Similarities Between Content Marketers And Journalists

With the demand for the new technology, various companies have started accepting the change. It is easily noticeable in the marketing patterns, products/services, their customer support, operations etc. However, there is only one industry which didn’t get affected… Media! Continue reading “3 Similarities Between Content Marketers And Journalists”

20 Types Of Content Writing Services That A Writer Sells

Are you fed up of explaining the kinds of content writing to your friends belonging to different industry? A lot of people don’t understand the diversity required in a content writer’s life. Content writing doesn’t involve only blogs… it is rather a big umbrella covering numerous writing styles. Continue reading “20 Types Of Content Writing Services That A Writer Sells”